Service Quality

In promoting their brand, companies understand the importance of service quality, and they establish the appropriate standards. It is important to our clients that these standards remain consistent, and that service provision meets these standards in the remotest sales outlets.

Banks, travel agencies, insurance companies, car dealerships, shops – this is but a fraction of the list of sectors where companies are constantly monitoring the quality of the services provided.

We compare a company’s activity with its competitors’ activities and with accepted market practice (benchmarking).

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Mystery shopper

Simulation of conflict situations

Store audit




Service Quality: when offering a product, you are, above all, offering a service

Demand for the assessment of service quality is always increasing. This may come from mobile phone shops or car showrooms where service is very important, and where service has a direct impact on the sales of auxiliary services. Brand holders often control their partners, for example through distribution networks. It is important for them to be certain that the message that they send to the consumer is correctly transmitted, that their rules are enforced, and that their standards are adhered to.


Case Study: appraisal of service quality

In the household appliances sector, we were studying competitors’ offers. It is evident that there was one retail chain, but many manufacturers, all of whom wish to entice the seller, who will later offer a competing brand to the shopper. Brand holders finance such initiatives among chains, but it’s not always clear whether they are effective. Hence the importance of monitoring, which is usually conducted by means of the mystery shopper method: we assess how the seller is behaving and which brand they recommend first.






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