Product innovation

Companies are constantly entering the market with new products and services, in order to ensure the growth of their business and additional sales. Innovations simultaneously represent a business’s development potential and risks. Aside from the creation of the product, a well-thought-out promotion policy, based on an understanding of the target audience’s lifestyle and motivations, is required.

It is precisely for this reason that we track changes, recording new trends and reactions of consumers to those changes. DDR Market Research offers a research package including analysis of a product’s current market position and support during the introduction of a new product to the market.


Concept testing

New product testing

Ease of use testing

Packaging testing

Ethnographic research

Consumer needs and motivations

Pricing research

Sales forecasts



Case Study: optimizing sales of a medicine

We were approached by a client whose sales of a new pharmaceutical deviated strongly from their expectations. Our company was tasked with identifying what was responsible for the failure.




Case Study: testing a concept for a ready-made soup stock

A large international manufacturer of foodstuffs had an idea for a new product – a ready-made soup stock that would save time for housewives. The idea’s potential needed to be evaluated.

At first we studied what soups are made most often and visited families with video cameras while they had a particular soup, for example borsht or rassolnik. In theory, this is called a home visit with an unstructured interview, but in practice we cooked the soup with the housewives, observed, served the meal, and asked the family to comment on the process.










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