Channels and Distribution

DDR Market Research possesses the required tools to build an accurate picture of your brand’s distribution, evaluate its positions, and compare this with how the competition is presented.

We research this question from different perspectives. We determine the opinions of consumers and market professionals, visit points of sale, observe, photograph, and record.

To evaluate the product’s position in the retail market, we use various methods including audits of retail outlets (store check) and visits by mystery shoppers (mystery shopping).

The client can keep track of the data collection online and receive detailed reports for each outlet, including photo reports with time and location information (geodata).

Auditing of retail outlets

Recording stock and prices

Brand pricing map

Competitors’ offers

Planograms and displays

Staff performance

Display of promotional materials



Case Study: Inventory of unbranded stock

The inventorying of different groups of products is conducted constantly and across all channels – hypermarkets, supermarkets, non-chain retail outlets, stalls, market halls, or open markets.

Branded stock – products with well-known brands – is the easiest to inventory. But we often come across a different problem where we don’t know what we will find on the shelves until we visit the store. Therefore, our audit is accompanied by a photo report which is, more often than not, conducted secretly.








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