Qualitative research

Case Study: financial services for VIP clients

Our client, a large Russian bank, encountered a need to review its offer in the premium credit card sector.

Those in possession of such a card regularly spend large amounts of money. These people are very well-to-do, and, importantly, they travel around the world frequently. Their chief expenditures occur during their travels, in the form of hotels, car rentals, and purchases.

We needed to understand these people’s motivations: why they applied for such a card, what it offered them, why they didn’t use a normal card.

It was not enough to find a few dozen people who constantly travel. We needed to get them to discuss a very intimate, financial topic. The motivation of a person, when he or she agrees to such an interview – be it a business or a personal interview – can only be his or her interest in the topic. The discussion must be interesting to them, they must learn something new. Therefore, we prepared material beforehand that our survey’s participants would find interesting.


In-depth interview
- standard
- dyads/triads

Focus groups
- standard groups (8 people)
- mini-groups (4–6 people)
- extended groups (3–4 hours)

Expert interviews

Ethnographic research






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