Mystery shopping

Case Study: Mystery shopping in banks

The most interesting kind of mystery shopping is financial, on behalf of companies rather than individuals. It is necessary to prepare the shopper – to think through the cover story: where is the company located, what type of activity is it involved in, how many branches does it have, how many sellers. The person must understand the subject and have acting abilities – without these, it is impossible to carry out mystery shopper projects. It is for bank shopping that we are most careful when selecting people, teaching them, training them, and organizing trial visits to other banks (at other banks we are allowed to fail, but at the client’s, failure is not an option.)

The client receives the information online, having access to all primary materials, including photo, video, and audio recordings, and scanned documents. Our software allows any format of data reporting, as well comparisons of audit results by region, time, and any other recorded parameters.


Visits to points of sale and offices
- covert observation
- recording
- ‘secret’ interviews with staff
- shopping
- conflict scenarios

Telephone purchases/contacts

Online shopping






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