Why an elephant?

We decided to change our site so that it would better reflect what we do.

"What do you expect from the front page? What would you like to say?” our colleagues asked us. Of course we began to talk about professionalism and quality, about responsibility and competence. Only one thing eluded us, so we turned to our clients with the question, why do they choose us? It turned out that our clients value the fact that we examine their research problems in a business context, understanding how the results will be used, what decisions will be taken on the basis of our data.

Seeing the whole picture - that’s what matters! We consider the following parable relevant to our business. Besides, elephants are pleasant creatures.

Vassilina Gutierres,
General Manager


The Parable:
“Four blind men came upon an elephant. One felt the elephant’s leg and said, ‘An elephant is like a pillar.’ The second touched the trunk and said, ‘An elephant is like a thick cudgel.’ The third felt the elephant’s belly and said, ‘An elephant is like a huge barrel.’ The fourth touched the ears and said, ‘An elephant is like a large basket.’ And they fell to arguing amongst themselves as to what the elephant was most like.

A passer-by, hearing their argument and quarrel, asked what it was all about. They told him everything and asked him to be the judge. The passer-by replied, ‘None of you saw the elephant. An elephant is nothing like a pillar, but its legs resemble pillars. And it is nothing like a barrel, only its belly resembles a barrel. It is nothing like a basket, but its ears resemble one, and likewise it is nothing like a cudgel, only its trunk resembles one. All these things come together to make up the elephant.”






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